At PiSpace Innovations, we are passionate about the potential of agritech to transform the agriculture industry and improve food security. We work with stakeholders across the supply chain, from farmers and government agencies to policy makers and universities, to incorporate technology into the Ethiopian agricultural sector.

Our focus is on utilizing technology to improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, and to add value through the supply chain. One of our current initiatives involves partnering with a Slovakian company to conduct research on specialty coffee roasting techniques. Through this collaboration, we are leveraging technology to trace beans from farm to cup, and are working towards launching our own coffee roasting company in Ethiopia.

Our focus on the latest trends and innovations in Agritech, including::

1. Precision Agriculture:

We are exploring the use of advanced technologies, such as drones, sensors, and machine learning, to collect data on crops and optimize farming practices for maximum yield and quality.

2. Supply Chain Management:

We are working with stakeholders across the agriculture value chain to develop digital solutions that improve logistics, reduce waste, and increase transparency.

3. Market Access:

By collaborating with local and international partners to provide farmers with greater access to markets, by leveraging e-commerce, data analytics, and other digital platforms.

At PiSpace Innovations, we believe that technology can play a transformative role in the agriculture industry, by improving efficiency, reducing waste, and increasing profitability for farmers and agribusinesses. Contact us today to learn more about our Agritech solutions and how we can help you drive growth and sustainability in your business.